Revised 06-May-2014 added variables: source, fed_tax_rate, state_tax_rate, ctype, pwrrel, pwrmgmt

NOTE: This API has been superceded by a New API Service. The legacy API, below, remains functional however we suggest you utilitze the new API service instead of that detailed below.


The URL for the Lead Import API is:


Suppose you want to import a sales lead into an account in EnergyPeriscope and the lead data is: John Doe, 123 Main St, Anyplace, CA, 95400, Tel 707-555-1212, email:

Let`s assume the apiID=1 and the apiKey=abcdefghijk.

You would post the information as follows: Main St&city=Anyplace&state=CA&phone=707-555-1212&

Response (XML)

If the Lead was successfully imported, the XML response will be as follows. Any messages will also be provided:

If any errors are found, the XML response will be as follows, with each error returned as a message:


API POST Variables

The following variables may be POST to this URL. Required variables are red.

Lead Question VariableName Format Values
API Key Set
API Validation apiID int(11) API ID
API Validation apiKey varchar(200) API Key
External ID for this Lead
External ID externalid varchar(30) an External ID for this Lead
Source of this Lead
Lead Source source varchar(30) Source of this Lead (If blank API name is used).
Lead Contact Information
First Name first_name varchar(100) first name
Last Name last_name varchar(100) last name
email or mobile or phone is required
Email Address email varchar(100) email address
Company Name company varchar(100) company
Mobile (cell) Number mobile varchar(50) mobile phone number
Telephone Number phone varchar(50) phone number
Fax Number fax varchar(50) fax number
Street Address street varchar(100) street address
City city varchar(100) city
State state varchar(2) state
Zip or Post Code zip varchar(10) USA XXXXX, or XXXX-YYYY | Canada XXX-YYY or XXX YYY
Federal Tax Rate fed_tax_rate decimal(5,2) Federal tax rate like xx.xx (%)
State Tax Rate state_tax_rate decimal(5,2)) State tax rate like xx.xx (%)
Customer type ctype tinyint(4) 1=Residential, 2=Business, 3=Nonprofit, 4=Govt/Muni
Energy Efficiency Improvements Previously Performed on Building
Enery Audit Performed? energyaudit tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Insulation Improved? insulation tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Windows Upgraded? windows tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Space Heater Efficiency Improved? heating tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Air Conditioner (Cooling) Efficiency Improved? cooling tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Water Heater Efficiency Improved? waterheat tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Lighting Efficiency Improved? lighting tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Appliance Efficiency Improved? appliances tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Interested In
Want Solar Electric (PV)? pv tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Solar Water Heating? solarwater tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Solar Pool/Spa Heating? solarpool tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Wind Turbine? wind tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Geothermal Heatpump? geothermal tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Solar Space Heating? solarspace tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Wood/Biomass Heating? wood tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Energy Efficiency Improvements? efficiency tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want/Need Financing? finance tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Financial Analysis? financialanalysis tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Incentive Analysis? incentives tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Power Reliability (Backup)? pwrrel tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Want Power Management (Demand Reduction)? pwrmgmt tinyint(1) 1=Yes, 0=No
Current Energy Use
Average Monthly Electric Bill electricbill int(11) $ per month
Average Monthly Natural Gas Bill gasbill int(11) $ per month
Average Monthly Fuel Oil Bill oilbill int(11) $ per month
Name of Electric Utility electricutility varchar(100) name of electric utility
Name of Natural Gas Utility gasutility varchar(100) name of natural gas utility
Percent Energy Use Customer Wants Displace percentsolar smallint(3) 0 - 100 percent
Building Information
Type of Building buildingtype tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Single Family Home (new construction), 2=Single family home (older), 3=Semi-detached or town house, 4=Condo, 5=Commercial Building
Ownership of Building ownertype tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Owned, 2=Rented/Leased
Building Size (sq-ft) bldgsize int(8) Sq-Ft
How Building is Heated heattype tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Natural Gas, 2=Electric, 3=Fuel Oil, 4=Propane, 5=Wood Burning
How Water is Heated watertype tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Natural Gas, 2=Electric, 3=Fuel Oil, 4=Propane, 5=Wood Burning
Type of Water Heater (currently) waterheater tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Standard, 2=Tankless, 3=On-demand
Project Information
State Where Work is to be Performed projectstate varchar(2) State
Description of Work/Project Requested description text project description
When do they want work started timing tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Immediately, 2=3-6 months, 3=1 year, 4=2 years or more
Budget for Project budget int(11) budget
Method of Financing Project needfinance tinyint(1) 0=I am not sure about financing, 1=Need Financing, 2=Have financing, 3=Cash (no finance req'd)
Mounting Location for Collectors mount tinyint(1) 0=Roof, 1=Ground, 2=Roof and Ground, 3=Not Sure
Sun Exposure for Collectors exposure tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=North, 2=South, 3=East, 4=West, 5=Other
Shading Conditions for Collectors shading tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Full Sun, 2=Partial, 3=Low Sun
Description of any Obstructions to Collectors obstructions text description of any obstructions
Area (sq-ft) Available for Collector Installation area int(11) Sq-Ft of installation area available
Type of Roofing Material rooftype tinyint(2) 0=Undefined, 1=Asphalt Shingle, 2=Ceramic, 3=Clay Tile, 4=Wood Shingle, 5=Metal, 6=Engineered Rubber, 7=Plastic, 8=Other
Description of Roofing Material (if Other) roofother varchar(100) description of roof type (if other)
Age of Roofing Material (years) roofage int(6) years - age of roof
Pitch of Roof rooftilt tinyint(1) 0=Undefined, 1=Conventional Pitch, 2=Low Pitch, 3=Flat Roof
Style of Roof roofstyle tinyint(1)
1=Flat: 2=Gable: 3=Shed:
4=Hip: 5=Gambrel: 6=Mansard:
FICO (credit) Score of Customer fico_score smallint(3) FICO score
Value of Property/Building prop_value mediumint(8) Value ($) of property


Sample PHP Code to submit a REST to import a lead:


USE RESTRICTION: Any foreign or other unauthorized access to our APIs or software will be blocked. If you are Developer accessing our software from outside the USA or Canada please send an email to specifying the customer for which you were hired for API development.